Project meetings

First transnational project meeting

First meeting was organized in coordinator school Bedia Midilli Ilkokulu in Foca, Turkey 13th – 15th November 2017. Bedia Midilli Ilkokulu

We organizied all the activites and we shared all the responsibilities again. We discussed the possible problems and we shared our ideas. The participants were Maria Ianni, Fina Lidestri, Elzbieta Gollon Kolecka, Joanna Strzelecka, Mirela Mazilu, Claudia Tuca, Mirjana Torer and Maja Sokač.

Participants get to know Bedia Midilli Ilkokulu school, students and teachers. Each day all the participants did morning sports with students.

On the first day we visited the local administrators and gave the details about our project. During meeting  we talked about our educational systems and we discusses the similarities and differences.
On the second day we decided the Romanian logo as our  project logo. On the third day we talked about the survey and decide all the details. We also talked about an evaluation plan for attending students and teachers. Finally, on the last day, the coordinator gave a certificate to the participants.




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