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Healthy foods, Happy moods project is an Erasmus + project. The duration of the project is 2017-2019. The coordinator is Turkey and the partner countries are Poland, Romania Italy and Croatia.
Project coordinator is Bedia Midilli Ilkokulu school from Izmir in Turkey. Partner schools are  Istituto Comprensivo Mazzarino from Mazzarino in Italy, Szkoła Podstawowa im. bl. Edmunda Bojanowskiego school from Lipno in Poland, Primary school Tituš Brezovački from Zagreb in Croatia and Scoala Gimnaziala Nr. 4 Suceava from Suceava in Romania.
Why we choosed to implement Healthy foods, Happy moods project in our schools?
Obesity is a life-long chronic impairment of energy metabolism that affects children as much as adults, which is rapidly increasing in both developed and developing countries. The main reason for this is the nutritional habits of modern life, the excessive consumption of oils and carbohydrates, and the tendency of children to stay away from sports and physical activities and being into technology instead. In the World Health Organization European Regional Office report, attention is drawn to the fact that obesity is one of the world’s most important public health challenges, the fact of it is on the verge of reaching to an alarm level, especially for children and young people, and a greater health burden for future generations. It is known that obesity in adults is the cause of obesity in childhood and it is the basis of many other chronic diseases. A child with obesity may look cute and healthy. In fact, it is the source of many problems for his future. The importance of starting a war against obesity in childhood cannot be ignored. In the publication of the General Directorate of Basic Health Services of the Ministry of Health of the Ministry of Health, the importance of fighting childhood obesity has been emphasized (2008).The incidence of obesity in childhood and adolescence is a rapidly growing public health problem in the world. According to the American National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the prevalence of obesity between 2011 and 2012 increased compared to 1999-2000. In European countries, 30% of all children and 25% of children in the 7-11 age group were determined to be overweight and obese. According to local researches, it has been determined in that the prevalence of childhood obesity has increased in recent years in Turkey. In Turkey, it is reported that the incidence of obesity in children has increased from 6-7% to 15-16% over the last 20 years (TC Ministry of Health General Directorate of Primary Health Care Obesity Prevention and Control Program 2010-2014). In our school, body mass indexes were measured in accordance with the standards determined by the Community Health Center and obesity was determined in 6% of our students and 15% of our students were determined to be inclined to obesity. Likewise, as a result of the surveys we have carried out on the parents of our students regarding healthy eating, fast food consumption, consumption of fatty and harmful food; It has been determined that tertiary processed foods are consumed more frequently in the families with working parents and that the consumption of junk foods is higher in these families at certain times while the parents work and cannot control their children.It is known that obesity brings along academic, physical, emotional, psychosocial and social problems. In studies conducted on this subject, it was determined that overweight / obese students had lower reading abilities and math scores than normal weighted students, that school performances were not good, that they were unsuccessful students, they did not feel attached to the school, they wanted to leave the school and did not continue their education life successfully.Considering this data, the increase in child obesity rates in different countries in Europe has prompted us to make a project on the international scene. With the help of this project, we aim to teach our students about healthy nutrition and active life before obesity becomes a very serious and unpreventable problem.

We formed project by gathering together with Turkey, Poland, Romania Italy and Croatia, where these problems are observed intensively, in order to contribute in solving this problem which concerns the whole world.