Kids on a journey

Last student mobility in Poland


From 5th till 10th May we visited school Szkoła Podstawowa im. bł. E. Bojanowskiegow in Górce Duchowne, Poland. First day we met lot of friends, learned polish language and had professional activities at the lake with Volunteer Water Rescue Emergency Service (Pływanie po jeziorze sprzętem WOPRu, razem z budowaniem i składaniem tratw). We needed to make a ship on our own!:)

Second day we had a trip to beautiful Poznan city and visited museum of croissant Rogalowe Muzeum Poznania. We made croissant with a chef and got certificates for it.

Third day we started a comic book “Healthy man” and after we had activities with forester in Koczury (nadleśnictwo – Marzena). There we saw lot of animals and vegetation. But we had a bad luck because it was raining whole day:(

Fourth day was specially healthy. We visited Fruit and vegetable processing plant GIL in Stare Bojanowo and saw what kind of products can be made from apple and after we went for swimming in Koscian swimming pool. After swimming pool we visited Kosian Tower where we learned about space and practiced free climbing.

The last day we made a comic book “Healthy man” and had a final ceremony where we got LTT certificates. After we had fantastc trip to Leszno city.

Again, thanks to the Erasmus + project we made lot of friendships, specially in host families, learned a lot of other culture, tradition, language, people and customs as well as learned a lot of local healthy lifestyle and food. Fantastic experience for a lifetime!


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