Kids on a journey

Diary of our first mobility: Italy

On February  from 12th to 16th Erasmus students and their teachers stayed in Mazzarino (Sicily, Italy) to share their lives with Italian students. The students stayed at a hotel with their teachers and they were hosted in families of Italian students too at lunch and dinner, so that they could share Italian traditional food and develop a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a short video of mobility:


Monday, February 12th

In the morning it was organized the meeting of Madunnuzza school, accompanying by morning sport and visit of the schools Infant and Primary.

In the afternoon guests visited Mazzarino and a tourist guide had shown them the monuments, churches and museum. After that, they visited the Town hall and they met the Mayor Vincenzo Marino and the local authorities. During the meeting they exchanged the presents each other and finally it was organized  a treasure hunt for the students.


Tuesday, February 13th

In the morning it was organized the Official welcome of our guests at Madunnuzza school where our Headmistress Giovanna Ambrosiano had greeted the guests. Besides this, our Italian students had shown and explained them in English our traditional food through slides and they had performed in songs and folk dance.

In the afternoon they visited a dairy factory where they could see and taste our traditional cheese: Pecorino, Tuma and Ricotta cheese.



Wednesday, February 14th

In the morning our Italian students showed them the preparation of a healthy menu, they prepared pasta with broccoli, chicken with potatoes and pepper, pizza with tumminia flour, orange cake without butter and milk, yogurt with cereals. After every presentation the jury, composed by guests and Italian students, had tasted and voted each dish. Then our guests had showed us their videos about healthy food and the images of their beautiful countries and their traditions through slides as well. Afterwards, in the afternoon all students had sport competition.


Thursday, February 15th

This day all the student went to Palermo to visit monuments and especially taste the Mediterranean cuisine, as it is popular and healthy, a good way to favor cultural exchange.


Friday, February 16th

The last day was dedicated to the Official greeting ceremony and delivery certificates. Therefore, all students did sport activities. In the afternoon was organized another cultural exchange in Piazza Armerina. In this occasion we visited Villa Romana del Casale Unesco World  Hereditage. Finally, in the evening all the students, teachers and Italian parents had dinner together and so that everybody had shared a sense of community.


On Saturday 17th February all partners went home with so many great memories on all new friends and families…


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