Kids in action

How to prepare a healthy school lunch box?

In Primary school Tituš Brezovački Zagreb, there was a workshop for parents and students. The guests and lecturer were doctor of medicine, Mrs Dijana Mihok from Education Institute for Public Health Andrija Štampar, two nutricionist of Croatian Medical Association, Mrs Sara Cobal and Mrs Marta Kovačević and a student of Faculty of Food Technology, Mrs Ivona Hanžić. At first there was a short lecture about the importance of healthy lifestyle, food disorders among children  and “Colorful bowl” for healthy plate full of vitamins, proteins, fat and minerals. There were some tricks and tips of how to persuade your kid to eat vegetables and fruits-it’s all about your imagination and creativity of serving. After there were workshops of making a healthy sandwich: Bread with green spread and smoothie. What a healthy school lunch box! See how fun it was at the workshop and try our recipes later:)

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