Kids in action

Dora’s sweet choice: Rafioli

It’s nice to bake cakes … and it’s even better to taste them with friends 🙂. Dora, a marvelous confectioner – a chef. Follow Dora’s step by step and enjoy in Rafioli’s

Ingredients: for dough
1 butter – 250 g
1 sour cream
60 dkg of smooth flour
1 vanilla sugar
a pinch of salt
Ingredients for filling
30 dkg of ground walnuts
3 tablespoons cocoa (mmmm 🙂
10 dkg of sugar (certainly can be honey)
lemon peel
1 grated apple
Good apetite!rafioli1rafioli2rafioli3rafioli4rafioli 6rafioli7rafioli8rafioli9rafioli10rafioli11rafioli12rafioli13rafioli14rafioli15🇭🇷

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